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Mass Development is committed to the revitalization of Gateway Cities through its Transformative Development Initiative. The City of Pittsfield and local partners formed a redevelopment district on Tyler Street and a portion of Morningside. This neighborhood has a long, proud history. Once the home of General Electric, many of its residents worked at The GE and supported bustling businesses up and down Tyler Street. The plan is to restore the economic vitality and vibrancy of the neighborhood without losing the distinctive character and values of the people who live and work here. Residents, business owners and supporters are critically important to a successful revitalization effort. Success will be measured by the number of people who decide to buy a home or open a business and say, "I want what this neighborhood has to offer." 

The Process


The redevelopment district needed a brand narrative and visual identity.  It was important that the neighborhood residents, business owners, and anchor institutions provide the input.
They did so over the course of 12 months: 

  • Aug. 2017: Better Block conversations with residents

  • Sept. 2017 - Feb. 2018: Facilitated conversations
    with key stakeholders 

  • Oct. & Dec. 2018: Two brand launch events

The process yielded what stakeholders love about the neighborhood and where they see challenges. They
discussed what makes the neighborhood distinctive. 

They shared the neighborhood's values:

  • We're committed to building a better future for our children.

  • We believe in one another.

  • We look out for each other.

  • We believe our best days are ahead rather than behind us.

  • All are invited to our table.

All of this input informed the development of a brand
narrative, a name and a promise:

"Our neighborhood is open to new people, new
businesses, new opportunities."

Participating Stakeholders

  • The Berkshire Dream Center

  • Berkshire Realtors

  • Community Development Office

  • Goodwill

  • Greylock Federal Credit Union

  • Integrity Tax Service 

  • La Fogata Restaurant

  • Pittsfield Police Department

  • Pittsfield Public Schools 

  • The Mayor's Office 

  • Morningside Initiative

  • Neighborhood property manager & owner

  • New Generation Global Ministry 

  • Teton Management

  • Randall's Trophies 

  • Tyler Street Business Group 

  • Rental Housing Association of Berkshire County

  • Residents & volunteers

  • Scarafoni Associates

The Brand


The Tyler Side brand is friendly, open and optimistic. It embodies the personality of the district and is also aspirational in its hopes for the future. 

The Tyler Side logo visually unifies the commercial district with the residential neighborhood. A burst of energy projects a hopeful future. Overlapping illustrations express strength in unity. The rounded line work creates a welcoming feel. 

The brand assets build off of the logo. The color palette is warm and inviting. Iconography draws from the welcoming, rounded line work to create a library of versatile images. A starburst pattern is derived from the logo and adds a layer of movement and energy. Brand fonts are modern and open. The photography style is bold and bright. All assets work together to create a brand that energizes the neighborhood and welcomes new families and new businesses. 


Tyler Side has many champions who work tirelessly to help the neighborhood live up to its full potential. These champions are in the schools, the churches, community groups, and businesses. There are already signs that their efforts are working. There are new businesses opening on Tyler Street. There are new homeowners, St. Mary's is being redeveloped as market rate housing for young professionals. The opening of the Tyler Street Lab, a place to launch new ideas, is now open. Once again, the neighborhood has its own bakery! Stuff is happening in Tyler Side. There's more to come. What can you do to help? Participate in neighborhood activities. Patronize neighborhood businesses. Encourage your friends to come and see what Tyler Side has to offer. It's going to take all of us to make Tyler Side all that we know it can be.
As the saying goes, "Teamwork makes the dream work."

What's next?

©2018 Tyler Side

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